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Beginners Guide to Vaping


The most vital part of your vaping experience is what e-liquid you choose, but it can also be the most difficult! At LiQuid we offer a classic e-liquid in a range of strengths, to suit your preferences, whether you're trying to kick your smoking habit or just want to enjoy the vaping experience. You can also explore our Nic Salts range, which offers an alternative to freebase nicotine, supplying a smooth taste with a more intense nicotine content. Ideal for the cloud chasers, we now offer a range of High VG E-liquids. Packed with an 80% VG to 20% PG ratio, this range will create plenty of vapour which is full of delicious flavour whilst looking aesthetically pleasing.

Nic Salts
10ml High VG


Here at LiQuid we are renowned for our wide range of high quality, yet budget, flavours. Whether you're on the hunt for a tobacco-tasting alternative to your cigarette habit, a nostalgic taste of classical sweets, or something with a tasty, fruity twist - we've got it all! If you vape to enjoy the delicious tastes of e-liquid flavours then you're spoiled for choice with our range. Even if you're looking for flavourless vape, there truly is something for everyone in our selection.



Whether you're new to vaping or still feeling like a rookie, we know that trying to figure out what e-liquid strength is best for you can feel like an impossible task. At LiQuid our e-liquid strengths range from Omg to 18mg, so that there's something to suit everyone's preference. Our variety covers a range of individual preferences; whether you're vaping to try and kick your nicotine cravings or vape just for the enjoyment of it, there is a group of delicious flavours in the perfect strength for you. Give one a go today!

What Is Vaping? | Liquid Blog

With the amount of research going into vaping all the time, even if you're not new to it, it can often feel like you're falling behind! Trends, habits and products are fast-paced and changing rapidly which is why we have created our LiQuid blog to help keep you up to date and in the know. Whether you need help understanding what strength is best for you, need Nic Salts explaining, or have a general query - there's usually an answer waiting for you in the form of one of our blog posts!

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