Are Solo Bars Bad for You?

Are Solo Bars Bad for You? Oliver Norman

Are Solo Bars Bad for You?

Since their introduction to the UK market in 2005, vape devices have exponentially grown in popularity, which in tandem has led to various vape device brands becoming available to consumers.

One of the more popular brands amongst vapers is Vapeman Solo, which produces vape devices commonly referred to as Solo bars. These devices can be purchased online and in some stores - but new research around emerging vaping brands, cases of ill health when vaping, and growing concern around the regulation of vape devices in the UK has led to the increased interest surrounding the safety of such vape brands.

LiQuid explores the information available surrounding Solo bars and their potential impact on a user’s health, and how they compare to other popular vape devices.

What is in a Solo bar?

The most accessible Vapeman device is the Solo Plus, which is a 20mg nicotine salt disposable vape pen in a wide range of flavours. The 20mg measurement of nicotine is marked as 2% on the side of the device, which is the legal limit in the UK for a vape pen. Each Solo Plus pen is advertised to offer around 600 puffs, which equates to more than a pack of 20 cigarettes.

A single cigarette has around 0.6mg of nicotine, which means that a single Solo bar contains much more nicotine than a full pack of cigarettes. As such, concerns are raised about the possible intake of nicotine if one was to use the full device in a short space of time.

The dangers of a Solo bar

It is well known that the addictive agent in cigarettes and vape liquids is nicotine - it is the chemical that produces a physical yearning for more intake, and another physical response in the form of a reward when it is taken in. Thus, once an individual is habituated to intaking nicotine, the body will crave more. You can learn more about our relationship with nicotine in our guide Nicotine and Health.

Not only is nicotine extremely addictive, but it also brings with it a host of known health risks, some of which are short-term, and others are only developed over time. Such health impacts reportedly include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum recession
  • Bad breath
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Elevated heart rate

The risks of unregulated vape pens

Recent years have seen cases of UK citizens hospitalised after using a vape device. In the majority of cases, the vapes used were found to have been imported from the US or China by illegal means, and were found to have contained nicotine levels far beyond the UK legal limit. Some even reached 50mg, the equivalent of 120 cigarettes, or more than twice the UK limit. In response, a spokesperson for the UK Government said products that did not meet the health and safety requirements for nicotine products and should be subject to local trading standards enforcement.

While products in the Vapeman range from their official manufacturers are regulated, there is a lack of coherence and knowledge by the general public to know the differences between legal and illegal products. This can lead to individuals unknowingly purchasing vape devices that contain dangerous chemicals within, be it nicotine or even THC.

Where to purchase safe vape devices

When purchasing a vape device, you should always first check the trader’s accreditations to give yourself the peace of mind that you are buying from a reputable seller. Further review of the labelling and packaging of the device will allow you to understand its contents, and whether the nicotine levels within are safe for you to consume. To safeguard against the risks of disposable vapes, learn the key things to observe in our blog all about Disposable Vapes.

The range of vape devices and e-liquids undergo thorough testing and examination to ensure full compliance with health and safety regulations, as well as the highest-quality vaping experience in the UK. In fact, our industry-leading clean facility is the largest in the UK, and is ISO-9001 Certified, along with our ISO-17025 accredited laboratory, to ensure every single batch we produce is comprehensively tested before, during and after production. We only stock the best branded devices from trusted manufacturers so you can buy with confidence.

Take a look at our range of UK-manufactured vape liquids, or for more information about vaping devices, the law, and how to safely vape, visit LiQuid’s Vape Hub here.

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