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E-Cigarettes on Planes

E-Cigarettes on Planes

Travelling can be a frustrating and sometimes confusing process. Things like catching connecting flights, security checks and airport prices all add to stress that you simply don’t need. Vaping while travelling is another issue that some people are unclear on; can you vape in the airport? Should my device be in my hand luggage or checked bag? In this post we will clear up some of these issues, allowing you one less thing to worry about next time you're flying.


Vaping Inside the Airport

Every airport is different when it comes to this one. For example, London Heathrow will allow you to vape anywhere indoors before the gate area. We wish all airports were like this, but at many, you will have to use a smoking area. Before you travel, check the vaping policy of the airports you will be visiting or just ask security once you're there.



Since taking e-cig batteries in checked luggage has been banned around the world, you will have to keep them in your hand luggage. You should disconnect the battery from your device before going through security and getting onto the plane for safety reasons. Also, this will make sure that security don’t see the x-ray of your fully assembled mod and think it is something dangerous! You should also take your own e-liquids when travelling in case you can’t easily get some in the country you are visiting. The rules on flying with liquids still apply to e-liquids; all that means is that a container can’t have more than 100ml and your containers must be together in a clear plastic bag.


E-Cigarettes on Planes

You will most definitely be prohibited from using your device on the aircraft. It is also against the rules to charge your device on planes. Irish airline Ryanair don’t allow the use of electronic cigarettes on board their planes but they do, however, allow passengers to buy smokeless cigarettes to use instead. We don’t recommend trying to secretly use your device on a plane, as there are smoke alarms everywhere and if you get caught, it will be treated very seriously.


Attitudes & Destinations

It is important to remember that not all countries are laid back when it comes to vaping. Take the United Arab Emirates for example; e-cigarettes are illegal there and your devices may be confiscated when you go through customs. If the country you're visiting allows e-cigs, they still might be uncommon so you may have to prepare for questions. We recommend that you check the laws and attitudes towards vaping of your destination. We hope you have found this post helpful and that it has answered your questions about taking your e-cigarettes on planes.


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