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Ensuring a Safe Charge For Your E-cigarette

Ensuring a Safe Charge For Your E-cigarette

In some quarters of the vaping world there’s a growing concern that unofficial cut-price chargers are not worth the risk. And furthermore, despite manufacturers and distributors continuing to state that only official chargers should be used with their device, some vapers are not heeding their warnings.

Last month, we heard of yet another incident where a pensioner’s device exploded after using a charger bought abroad – possibly with incorrect wiring – and this month a story has emerged where a teenager’s e-cig exploded beneath his bed whilst he slept, leading to a house fire (though fortunately no one was hurt).

There are two main forms of chargers available for e-cigarettes: data cable chargers (the same as used for every non-Apple mobile phone) for rebuildable tanks; and ‘screw-in’ chargers for non-rebuildable tanks. With every incident, the dangers seem to be at their highest with the latter, due to cheap disposable ‘screw-in’ cables imported from China, made in factories that do not have to adhere to the same safety standards employed in Europe. So how do you keep yourself safe?

Be attentive – Only charge your e-cigarette during the day, and in a location where you can keep an eye on it.

Don’t overcharge – Overcharging a battery dramatically lessens its life-span, and increases the risk of a total failure. Any decent company ensures that its batteries have built-in protection against overcharging and overheating.

Don’t go cheap – While there may be cheap e-cigs and chargers available on the market as an import, remember that quality devices cost more for a reason, and that reason is safety.

Check your battery – Make sure your battery is not damaged if dropped or impacted. A damaged battery needs to go in the bin.

Do not overtighten – When using ‘screw-in’ charging cables, ensure that they are not screwed in too tight. The devices can be damaged if the contacts are pressed together too hard. By following these simple rules, you can enjoy a safer and healthier vaping experience without having to worry about claiming on your house insurance.  

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