One Bottle, One Pound, One Planet.

One Bottle, One Pound, One Planet. Oliver Norman

One Bottle, One Pound, One Planet.

Here at LiQuid, we are always thinking outside the box to come up with new ways to improve our sustainability; we’ve only got one planet and we all need to pitch in to keep it clean! Many of our users have asked questions surrounding what we as a business are doing to reduce our ecological footprint and in response, we are excited to explain one of our biggest green ventures – PCR Plastic bottles!

What are PCR Plastics? 

For those of you who may not know, PCR stands for Post-Consumer Resin. That might not sound very glamorous but, using PCR as an alternative to traditional plastics like our old PET bottles can have massive benefits to the environment and beyond! PCR products are made by recycling discarded plastics at the end of their “life cycle”. Rather than sit forever in a landfill, or worse still in our oceans, these old plastics are collected and ground down using special equipment, then washed and dried ready to be used in brand new products like our PCR 10ml bottles! Depending on their intended purpose, PCR products can contain anywhere upwards of 10% PCR alongside virgin material (plastic that has been newly created using fossil fuel resources). Of course, the higher the PCR content the lower the environmental impact so at LiQuid we have gone all out, opting for 100% recycled PCR bottles for all our 10ml e-liquids.

What are the Benefits of Using PCR Plastics?

By using PCR bottles we are actively contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution in our oceans. The plastics used to create them are recovered from riverbanks and their surrounding areas, cleaning existing pollution and ensuring it never reaches the ocean, preserving its delicate ecosystems. Using these recovered materials not only gives new life to infamous “single-use” plastics but also greatly reduces virgin plastic consumption which relies on fossil fuels for production. With increased use of PCR, landfill dumping will also be slashed thanks to the sustainable industry it creates – while not yet biodegradable, once in circulation PCR plastics can be recycled again and again, meaning we have less and less need to create new plastic to meet demand.

PCR doesn’t just help the environment; it helps people too. The waste plastics used to make our PCR bottles help support local communities across Central & South America, The Caribbean, Europe, North Africa, the South Pacific & the Middle East; with over $100,000 per day being paid out to plastic collectors. This empowers communities struggling against poverty to not only support themselves but protect the environment at the same time. Starting small, local collecting groups can eventually develop into organised businesses; ultimately growing into factory-level recyclers, driving sustainable industry worldwide.

What Does This Change Mean for You?

We began introducing PCR bottles from May 2020 and have since rolled them out across our whole business, but don’t panic – you can expect the same level of quality and safety from our PCR bottles as you could from our old ones. The biggest difference to be aware of is that due to being 100% recycled, slight colour differences between batches can occur, this only affects the bottle itself and is completely normal - you can rest assured it’s the same great e-liquid inside! You might also wonder about our prices – these won’t change either. It is common knowledge that taking the greener path can often cost more, but we have worked hard with our PCR bottle suppliers to control our costs and deliver the same great value you know and love – one bottle, one pound.

LiQuid's Other Green Ventures

We don't plan on resting on our laurels with PCR bottles though, and are constantly exploring new areas to help reduce our carbon footprint and encourage greener manufacturing. As a part of that promise, we have put a number of other things into action throughout our business that bring us a few steps closer to that goal!

We have been donating our broken wooden pallets to a local allotment group for a while now, where the lovely folk there are turning them into lots of useful things from flower beds to something a little off-the-wall: a playscape - for goats!

We took the decision to convert every light in our head office to LED, with some being placed on motion detectors and timers for optimum efficiency and so our staff don't have to constantly remind themselves to turn the light off when they leave a room!

We have tactically repositioned the storage heaters in our production areas and installed destratification fans to better control the temperature in our HQ; more efficient heating means less gas is being used!

We make use of a special bailing machine, allowing all cardboard waste to be bundled and recycled, and  special bins for us to collect all unused or faulty batteries to be disposed of in accordance with WEEE guidelines.

We want our customers to be proud of our business and hope you will all enjoy knowing that every bottle you buy from us has been produced responsibly. We still have work to do though, and will strive to reduce our environmental footprint even more in the future so you can enjoy sustainable vaping for years to come.

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