The ultimate guide to travelling with your e-cigarette

The ultimate guide to travelling with your e-cigarette Oliver Norman

The ultimate guide to travelling with your e-cigarette

Planning a holiday this year but have your reservations about taking your beloved vape? If you’re hoping to travel by air, we’ve got a helpful guide to remind you of the rules regarding flying with an e-cig.

Can I take my vape on a plane?

Yes. In fact, when flying, you should always pack your e-cigarette in carry-on luggage. E-cigarettes are powered by lithium ion batteries, which can catch fire if damaged, and must always be carried in airplane cabins. 

E-liquid refills can be packed in checked or hand luggage, although different airlines may have specific policies on this, so it’s best to always check before travelling. E-liquids carried in hand luggage will be subject to liquid regulations, so must be under 100ml and carried in a clear plastic bag with other liquids.

Whether in carry-on or checked baggage, e-liquids should be packed in plastic bags, as changes in cabin pressure can sometimes cause them to leak. For this reason, you should also completely empty your e-cigarette tank before flying.

Can I take my disposable vape on the plane?

In short, yes! Many people will consider the trending devices as travel vaping solutions due to their portable and convenient design. You can take a disposable e-cig onto the plane provided you abide by the same rules in place for other vaping products. That means they must be carried on as hand luggage, owing to batteries not being legally allowed in the hold for safety reasons.

Because they contain e-liquid which cannot be separated as they are all-in-one sealed units, you must put your disposable vapes into the usual see-through plastic bag provided for your toiletries and other liquids. that means of course you must ensure you are not carrying more than 100ml total e-liquid, however with most disposables containing a maximum of 2ml each, you will be able to take enough of the single-use devices to last for the duration of your trip.

Can I vape on the plane?

Absolutely not. There are no airlines that allow vaping on airplanes and there are heavy penalties and fines for anyone caught vaping on an aeroplane.

Can I use my vape in the airport?

Most U.K airports also have some restrictions on vaping. At Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester airports, travellers are allowed to vape in the designated smoking areas outside the airports, but not inside any of the terminals. This is the most common airport vaping policy, however it is worth checking specific airports before your trip.

What are the Specific Airline Policies on Vaping?

Vaping is not allowed on airplanes and e-cigarettes should be carried in carry-on baggage. Specific Airlines word their policies in slightly different ways, so we have included a small selection of airline policies below for clarity. If you are concerned about flying with an e-cig, make sure to check the specific airline policy before travelling.


British Airways

Electronic cigarettes should be placed in your hand baggage (not in checked baggage) and protected from accidental activation. If there are any liquid components, you also need to follow the safety requirements for liquids.

You cannot use e-cigarettes or similar items on board.


You can carry e-cigarettes and a maximum of two spare batteries in your cabin bag – but not in the hold.

You can’t smoke any type of cigarette on the plane.


E-cigarettes cannot be carried in check-in baggage. 

Batteries must be protected to prevent accidental activation.

All Emirates flights are non‑smoking – this also includes the use of e‑cigarettes.


In accordance with safety regulations, passengers are required to carry e-cigarettes in the cabin/hand luggage, and not in their checked baggage. 

E-cigarettes are not permitted to be used during the flight.

Virgin Atlantic

You can carry electronic cigarettes onboard, but you can’t smoke them.


What is Vaping Etiquette like around the World?

Vaping Etiquette varies between countries and regulations on e-cigarette usage change frequently. It is best to always check the laws of your destination when travelling with an e-cigarette. In some countries, such as Thailand and Singapore, vaping is banned completely. In others, including Malaysia and South Africa, vaping is only allowed with nicotine-free e-liquids.

It is important to check regulations on if vaping is allowed, where it is allowed and the importing and sale of e-cigarettes. National laws on the use of e-cigarettes are frequently changed, so you should always check local policies before travelling. 

Unlike in the U.K, vaping is much less common in some other countries. If you are travelling to a location where vaping is unfamiliar, be prepared to answer questions and make sure to always be considerate of local customs.

For varying reasons from health to taxes, a significant number of countries have either restricted or banned vaping products altogether.

Vaping is banned or restricted in these countries



























Hong Kong





How do I buy Vape Juice and Refills Abroad?

To continue enjoying vaping while on your holiday, it is important that you have enough vape juice. Checking local regulations on vaping will let you know whether or not you will be able to buy or carry e-liquids into your destination country. If you cannot buy them, pack enough e-cigarette refills for your trip in checked or carry-on baggage.

In European countries, it is often best to look for e-liquid refills at licensed tobacconist stores. Bear in mind that not all countries have the same limits on nicotine strength as the U.K. Be wary of e-liquids with nicotine strengths higher than you are used to, and make sure to never bring them back into the U.K, as this would be a violation of the Tobacco Products Directive.

Bon Voyage!

The simple answer to whether you can take a vape on a plane is yes! Make sure to pack your e-cigarette in carry-on baggage, be aware of liquid regulations in regards to refills and never use an e-cigarette on airplanes.

Remember to double check that your destination doesn't have any laws or surprises for unsuspecting vapers once you land - and make sure you've got enough juice to last you if buying it out there isn't an option!

Safe travels!

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