Greece High Court Upholds Vaping Ban

Author Image Oliver Norman
If you’re planning on visiting Greece for your holiday this year, make sure you know where you can and cannot vape. The highest administrative court in Greece has rejected a petition by the Association of Greek E-Cigarette Businesses to reverse legislation that regulates e-cigarettes the same as traditional cigarettes. Originally enforced in 2017, the legislation means that e-cigarettes are subjected to the same rules as combustible cigarettes, this includes a ban on usage in public spaces and transportation. The Association of Greek E-Cigarette Businesses told the court that the legislation is detrimental to the vaping industry. The regulation of vaping products in the same manner as combustible cigarettes has been called out by Public Health experts across the globe, stating that it sends the wrong message to the public. Last month, Public Health England released their recent findings, conducted by leading independent tobacco experts, that confirmed that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. After rejecting the petition by the Association of Greek E-Cigarette Businesses, the Greek court has stated that any businesses that are impacted negatively by the application of the law may claim for compensation.