A Breath of Fresh AIR - LiQuid Air Pod Device

Author Image Oliver Norman
A Breath of Fresh AIR - LiQuid Air Pod Device

Since humble beginnings and throughout its steady rise to global popularity, the vaping landscape has undergone many changes as technology and consumer preferences have evolved. The definition of what makes a “good vape” has changed significantly and continues to renew as the industry moves forward.

In 2020 convenience is king, and the once unavoidably technical world of hobbyist-style vaping has become niche and reserved only for those with the keenest of interest. Devices that reduce complication and focus on convenience and simplicity have begun to dominate the landscape, achieving record popularity with contemporary vapers. This has led to the rise of Pod devices, which have now eclipsed all other vaping device types in popularity – accounting for 44% of all vaping devices sold, compared to the once significantly more popular “basic open systems” which includes pen-style all-in-ones like the Aspire PockEx and our own LiQuid Pro, which now only make up around 29% of devices sold*.

*Sources: E-cig Intelligence (Aug 2020), The Grocer, Kantar

So, What are Pod Devices?

For those not in-the-know, Pod devices are a relatively new type of vaping device that focus on convenience and ease of use. Rather than subjecting the user to messy refills, coil changes and tank cleaning between flavours, pod systems typically feature only a battery and pod. The pod houses the coil and liquid in one sealed unit that quickly pops on and off the battery, often being discarded when empty. This enables the user to swap coils or flavours in seconds, with no cleaning or unwanted faff, meaning less down-time on their vaping journey.

More advanced pod systems sometimes feature refillable pods with interchangeable coils and other advanced features, but often at an increased cost – that’s where our latest piece of hardware, the LiQuid AIR comes in.

What is the LiQuid AIR?

Put simply, LiQuid AIR is the most affordable pod system on the market!

After all, we like to make sure our customers can get their hands on the very best in vaping without breaking the bank. An ideal starting point for an apprehensive vaping convert, at £10 for the battery and only £1 per pod, AIR offers you the most affordable way to experiment with vaping and see if it’s the right fit for your lifestyle. Even basic vaping starter kits can be a bit steep, especially for those who are not sure they will want to stick with their switch to vaping. With AIR, these people have access to a simple, affordable device, without the need to purchase more e-liquid than they need, packs of coils they’ll never use and a device that requires an engineering degree to operate!

AIR Pods come pre-filled with 5 of our most popular flavours: crisp and refreshing Double Menthol, enticingly abstract Heizen, juicy Blackcurrant, rich and tangy Forest Fruits, and full-bodied British Tobacco. All available in a range of nicotine strengths to meet your needs and keep those cravings satisfied.

Simply load your chosen pod into the battery and inhale, the device is “draw-activated” so there’s no need for buttons (which also means it won’t go off by accident!) The battery features a smart LED indicator that will light up when in use, and flash to warn you when the battery needs a top-up. Thankfully even when this happens, you’ll be fully charged and vaping again in under an hour, thanks to its advanced USB-C charging technology. The battery also benefits from all the safety features you would expect from an advanced vaping device, including overcharge protection so you can plug it in overnight without fear! – Not bad for a tenner (If we do say so ourselves!)

The sleek and discreet 450mAh battery packs enough power to get you through the day despite being pocket-sized. This makes the AIR not only a great starter, but also a handy backup device or travel companion, you might even find you prefer it to your other vape at home – Shhh, just don’t let it find out…

If you’re looking for a great way to try vaping without too much expense, or if you just fancy a convenient backup device you can depend on, check out the LiQuid AIR collection now! 

Or if you fancy something a little more extravagant, don’t worry – we have a fantastic range of the hottest vaping devices for you to explore!