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E Cigarette Taxing in EU Seek To Increase Prices

E Cigarette Taxing in EU Seek To Increase Prices

The European Union have made plans to implement taxes on electronic cigarette products. They could potentially be taxed at a higher rate across Europe with some countries saying it will be set to as high as possible. E cigarettes currently only have 20% VAT applied which is lower than the 57% on tobacco duty. A basic cigalike device could rise from £23 to £54 if this tax is implemented which may impact the number of people looking towards e cigarettes as a way of improving their health.

A spokesperson from the EU Commission has stated that there are no plans at this stage to tax e cigarettes at the same level as cigarettes. The University College London have reported that 37.3% of 8.46 million smokers had an attempt at giving up smoking in 2014. 28.2% of these people stated that they used an e cigarette to help them.

Public Health England have stated that they would like e cigarettes to be offered on the NHS as it has been estimated that they are 95% less harmful than smoking however there is still argument over the basis of the evidence.

EU officials have stated that their next steps are to begin some studies, look at potential impacts of this and also conduct a public consultation.