Flying the Flag for LGBTQ+ History Month

Flying the Flag for LGBTQ+ History Month Oliver Norman

Flying the Flag for LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ History Month is here again! That means for the whole of February the UK will be observing this special event which shines a spotlight on the struggles, achievements and historical contributions of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Plus people in their ongoing struggle for social equality. 

What LGBTQ+ History Month is All About

Awareness of the LGBTQ+ community is at an all-time-high, and while their struggle continues, significant victories have been won and hardships endured over many years leading up to this point. It is these events and the brave people at their epicentre who are championed as a part of every LGBTQ+ History Month to offer inspiration and role models to those still struggling for equality.

American schoolteacher Rodney Wilson from Missouri is considered the founder of the month, establishing the first of its kind in 1994. His motivations were to build community, represent historic civil rights contributions made by the LGBTQ+ community and create the aforementioned role models as a result; to inspire future generations to stand up for their rights.

Education is at the core of what the month seeks to achieve, with a particular focus on making resources available for inclusion in the curriculum for younger people. This is to not only to broaden pupils’ understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and it’s history, but also to help develop safe educational spaces for those young people who may be coming to terms with their own identities.

The work with schools in particular has been done in conjunction with registered UK charity “Schools Out”. The history month as a whole however is populated with a huge variety of events, held by many public and private organisations across the country in recognition of civil rights.

When and Where LGBTQ+ History Month is Celebrated

While we observe LGBTQ+ history month in February here in the UK, we aren’t the only country to celebrate it. Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greenland, Hungary, the U.S.A and the city of Berlin, all dedicate a month to the cause.

Falling in February in the UK means the history month coincides with the 2003 abolishment of laws that prevented the promotion of homosexuality by local powers. The scrapping of so-called “section 28” marked the end of oppressive legislature which had been in place since Margaret Thatcher’s government were in power. Their abolition sparked a major national celebration among the LGBTQ+ community and civil rights activists in general.

The 11th of October in Canada, Australia and the United States is recognised as “coming out day”, an important calendar event for the LGBTQ+ community. As such LGBTQ+ History Month is celebrated throughout October, rather than February.

UK LGBTQ+ History Month 2022

Every year in the UK, history month organisers choose a theme for their educational content intended to supplement not only the curriculum of schools but also inspire resources for businesses and other institutions. 2022 is a special year for LGBTQ+ history here in the UK, as it marks the 50th anniversary of the first ever Pride March. Held back in 1972, a popular slogan touted by the early campaigners was “the personal is the political”. This inspired the use of Art for the 2022 theme, owing to the intensely personal nature of creative expression.

Keith Haring, Doris Brabham Hatt, Fiore de Henriquez, Mark Aguhar and Jean-Michel Basquiat are five artists who have been chosen as the faces of the art themed LQBTQ+ history month educational campaign. The latter, Basquiat, while you might not recognise by name, actually designed a very famous crowned image of rapper Biggie Smalls, used as the cover for one of his chart-topping albums. Their selection however is based on the expression of their struggle through their creative works, with each of the chosen identifying as the representative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Plus branches of the community individually.

How You Can Get Involved

By reading this blog, you’re already embracing the spirit of the event. After all, it’s all about education and broadening our understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. If you wanted to learn more though, head over to the official website below! It’s not just got more information, there are a whole variety of resources you can access and download to help promote the cause for the month. There are tailored packs for schools as well as businesses, alongside a full calendar of events happening around the country from support groups to community theatre!

LiQuid and LGBTQ+ History Month

Some LiQuid folk may remember our campaign last year during Pride Month 2021. We had just launched one of our latest flavours – Sweet Rainbow. The timing was perfect, as we wanted to do something to mark the Pride celebrations and show our support. With that in mind, and also because of the unavoidable coincidence that our e-liquid and the Pride Flag share a theme; we decided to donate a percentage of all proceeds of sale from Sweet Rainbow to the Stonewall LGBTQ+ rights charity.

We hope our small contribution does some good in the struggle for equality. That is why we have explored LGBTQ+ History Month in this blog, to help increase awareness of the cause, even if just a little. Our promise to represent causes that benefit our society is right there in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. If you check it out, you will discover how important making a positive impact is to our business. We love that you love our e-liquid, but we also hope you can help us spread a little love in the wider world!

How are you celebrating LGBTQ+ history month this year?

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