LiQuid and Pride 2021

LiQuid and Pride 2021 Oliver Norman

LiQuid and Pride 2021

 As a part of our continued efforts towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), everyone here at LiQuid wanted to show our Pride by supporting the LGBTQ+ community and making our own contribution to the nation-wide celebrations!

Fundraising with Sweet Rainbow

LiQuid advocates equal rights, inclusiveness and tolerance. As such, alongside vibrant social media marketing, we chose to make a donation to the Stonewall charity following an exciting campaign that proved so popular we even decided to extend it to maximise our contribution.

We couldn’t ignore the uncanny timing of Pride in conjunction with our recently released flavour Sweet Rainbow, and we couldn’t think of a more fitting partner product for the cause if we do say so ourselves! As such, we decided to donate 25% of all the proceeds of sale from Sweet Rainbow during Pride month 2021 to LGBTQ+ charity, Stonewall.

A classic sweet and tangy flavour, Sweet Rainbow boasts a true rainbow spectrum of fruit flavours that you might just find familiar if you give it a try! Available in a full range of nicotine strengths as a part of our massive e-liquid range, we were proud to say our customers loved it so much that we decided to extend the campaign by another month, to really boost our final contribution.

With considerable pride of our own, we have been able to raise £1,678 for Stonewall, and we hope that our contribution can help them continue the great work they do to further equality in our society.

Who are Stonewall?

Stonewall is a UK charity seeking to achieve equal rights for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere, as well as supporting their families, friends and communities as a whole.

Over the past 30 years they have campaigned extensively, driving transformative change for many people’s lives, contributing to the now well established rights of the LGBTQ+ community to openly love, marry and have children. With their lives, relationships and culture represented as part of the national curriculum in most areas of the UK.

Focussing on achieving deep, lasting change within the institutions that impact their communities the most, Stonewall continues to fight every day to protect the vulnerable and build a society that does not judge, and makes space for all.

To learn more, visit their website.

LiQuid CSR

Our Pride campaign forms a part of our continued Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, which you can explore in our CSR hub.

Our CSR policy is centered around 5 pillars: Environment, Education, Enterprise & Community, Ethical Ways of Working, and Employee Wellbeing and Opportunity. Naturally this campaign falls within our Enterprise and Community activities, wherein we actively fundraise and support causes close to our hearts and those of our LiQuid community.

Through activities like our Pride campaign we seek to not only show our support externally, but also encourage our staff to do the same, fostering a deeper level of community and inclusiveness. Particularly so for any customers or team members who may be affected by the causes and organisations we champion.

We want to be the change we want to see in the vaping industry and we thank all of our customers for their continued support in helping us to achieve that goal.

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