Take Control with LiQuid Pro

Take Control with LiQuid Pro Oliver Norman

Working Your Way Down

No matter where your vaping journey is up to, if you're goal is to quit nicotine altogether it can be a tricky thing to achieve without the right tools. In any case, you will need a device that gives you the freedom to work your way down through the available nicotine strengths, managing your cravings until you finally hit that 0mg sweet-spot.

Enter - The LiQuid Pro

This revolutionary vaping device has been developed with reliability and ease-of-use in mind. The Pro uses a patented Rapid Replace Coil System to make changing your coil totally mess-free and effortless. Designed to remove all the fuss from vaping, the Pro aims to make looking after your device as simple as possible.

When you’re ready for a fresh coil, simply screw out the old coil and pop in a new one. You won’t need to come into contact with any sticky e-liquid. Changing liquid and coils can be done in a matter of seconds – the days of having to take your device apart over a sink are a thing of the past.

The integrated mouthpiece on every coil makes every vape hygienic and fresh - just like new with every coil change.

A quick twist reveals the filling port, so you’ll never need to dismantle your device when you need to refill with your favourite e-liquid.

The Rapid Replace Coils have a resistance of 1.2 ohm, making them perfect for 50-50 e-liquids, with high performance for High VG liquids too.

The LiQuid Pro’s 1500mAh battery gives you reliable all-day performance, all housed in a sturdy metal body, offering variable airflow to make sure your favourite vape is perfect for your tastes.

Quitting Like A Pro

Using a vape like the LiQuid Pro gives you the flexibility to work your way down to a 0mg lifestyle without ever needing another device. Compatible with our full range of e-liquids you can start with the strength that meets your initial needs as a new vaper and progressively reduce that level until you are happy to put the device down for good, or at least only vape for our tasty flavours! (We wouldn't blame you!) Don't forget - it's perfectly normal to go up and down a little in strength as you manage your cravings, as long as you trend down overall that's the main thing - after all, it's your journey and you should only ever take it at your own pace!

With that said, we understand it takes more than a alternative product to really make the switch and leave smoking and nicotine behind - check out our blog for some helpful lifestyle advice so you can make the switch with confidence!


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