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Post-Corona Vaping & Travel

Post-Corona Vaping & Travel

Are you planning to travel post lockdown?
Following the global pandemic many are excited to spend at least some of the summer lounging on a hot beach as banana bread and home-workouts fade into the distant past. As it stands, people arriving in the UK from more than 50 low-risk countries no longer need to quarantine. Information is changing everyday as travel plans remain uncertain. In the midst of widespread confusion over travel in general, this article aims to make sure there is no confusion over your vaping plans if you do decide to take the plunge and get away this year.
Following recent government advice, travel is now allowed in Europe’s ‘travel corridor’ this excludes Spain and Luxembourg where quarantine on return is still necessary. However, some of the most popular British holiday destinations: France, Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Croatia are now open for business.
So, what do I need to know? On the ground and in the air!
Obviously, vaping is banned on board any aircraft, however that does not mean you can’t enjoy vaping inside the terminal itself before a busy flight. Vaping used to be allowed in Heathrow all the way up to the gate however vaping has gone backwards here. Generally vaping is off limits in most areas of the airport, yet a variety of airports do still allow vaping in designated smoking areas.
Following take-off, the air is pressurised; this change can lead to your e-liquid leaking out of your tank. Therefore, it is recommended that you make sure your tank is empty before flying. In addition to this, following recent amendments by the ‘International Civil Aviation Organization the technical instructions for the ‘Sale Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air’ do not allow e-cigs to be transported in the hold. It is therefore essential that any vaper must carry their batteries, tank and vape liquid in their hand luggage only.
When travelling make sure to only have one small bottle in your hand luggage in a resealable plastic bag when going through security, like carrying any other everyday liquid items. The same goes for any tanks that may be filled with vape juice. It is advised that you remove from the battery from your vape and place in the plastic resealable bag during luggage checks. Additional e-liquid you will need for the duration of your trip should be stored in a sealed bag to prevent spillages in your hold luggage.
All responsible manufactures will put the skull and crossbones warning sign on the liquid bottle, however do not worry; although most liquids with this sign are prohibited, airport staff tend to understand that e-liquid is not a problem. Therefore, if you follow the general rules for transporting liquid you should be able to glide through security unchallenged.
What about when I arrive?
In relation to vaping when you arrive at your destination, it is always best to do your research first. There are some countries where vaping is completely banned, these include: Hong Kong, India, Thailand, The UAE and Singapore.
However, for closer holidays in Europe’s ‘travel corridor’ vaping is widely allowed. However heavy taxation is becoming a more common problem, so it is recommended to take the e-liquid you require with you. Most EU members adopted the Tobacco Products Directive in May 2017 which generally mean that the vaping rules are very similar to those in the UK, however there may be some slight changes. In France, new laws were passed in 2016 that also prohibited vaping on public transport or in areas where children are present. In Italy vaping is permitted wherever smoking is allowed however new laws were introduced in 2017 which has made vaping more expensive than smoking. So, If you are holidaying in Italy this year make sure to take plenty of supplies or pay the price!
Vaping in Turkey is permitted but with limitations. The sale of vaping devices and vape liquid is banned in Turkey however it has been reported that you are able to purchase vaping items in the main holiday destinations, so if you’re caught short, stick to the resort-based retailers. In Croatia e-cigarettes are classed as tobacco products by law so vaping in any enclosed area is banned, if you need extra supplies just head to the busy tourist spots, these will have retailers catering to your needs.
Portugal is also following a similar pattern to Italy, were taxation is very high so again, definitely take enough supplies; don’t waste your hard-saved holiday money on overpriced vaping equipment. With that said however, smoking/vaping in Croatia is still allowed in restaurants, bars and clubs.
One last tip for holiday vaping - when you do finally get to the beach, it is essential that you keep your e-cig out of direct sunlight. Extreme heat can affect your battery and can also make your e-liquid slightly runnier. The last thing you want is to reach down from your lounger to grab an e-cig only to find it's contents have leaked all over the battery!
Stay Safe Out There!
Overall vaping abroad is easily manageable, so long as you follow the important precautions before take-off and landing, such as dismantling your e-cig and transporting e-liquids safely. Each country will handle vaping slightly differently, however most European countries tend to mirror the UK's approach. Before heading out this summer, be sure to plan ahead and do your research so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your fun in the sun!
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