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White Fox nicotine pouches are developed by G.N Tobacco, who are also the makers of Siberia nicotine pouches, the well-known high strength nic pouches. And now White Fox offers the same premium quality but at lower nicotine strengths to cater to everyone's needs.

White Fox pouches are renowned for delivering a distinct tingling feeling when you first put one of their pouches in place, and this provides a unique nicotine experience which is perfect for those with previous experience with nicotine pouches. They combine this with their unique flavours such as Peppered Mint to provide a full-on nic pouch experience that will leave you feeling satisfied after every use.

Choose White Fox for a premium nicotine experience that combines strength, tingling and rich flavours for a superb nic pouch experience.

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Are White Fox Nicotine Pouches Good For Beginners?

We wouldn't recommend using White Fox nicotine pouches as your starting point if you're new to nicotine pouches. This is because they use a distinct and somewhat signature blend within their nic pouches to create an intense tingling effect when the pouch is first put in place.

How Long Does The Tingling Last?

The initial tingle effect does subside after a couple of minutes. The reason this happens is that it's the opening window of the nicotine absorbing through the gum when a pouch is fresh. 

What Nicotine Strengths Of White Fox Nic Pouches Are Available?

We offer three flavours of White Fox in 12mg strength, and we also offer White Fox's signature flavour “Full Charge” in a 16.5mg nicotine strength. We would suggest that you only use the Full Charge flavour and strength if you have a higher tolerance for nicotine and have previously used nicotine pouches.