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LiQuid Flavourless

Code: YO-GB-10-FL
  • £1.00
  • (FREE UK Delivery)
Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Calorie Free | Vegan Friendly
ISO Class 5 Facility
Pharma Grade Nicotine
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Batch Tested Liquid

Unflavoured E-Liquid

Are you fed up with flavoured e liquids? Why not try our flavourless e-liquid and just enjoy the hit? Alternatively you could use this as an e-liquid dilutent to reduce the amount of flavour you get from your other e liquids. We have tested this unflavoured e liquid in all types of tanks to ensure it does not crack them. We have matched the consistency across our range of strengths to ensure it maximises the life of your coils.

Why not check out what our customers have to say about our flavourless dilutent e-liquid by reading the reviews below.

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Why You Should Choose Our Unflavoured E-Liquid

  • Our factory based in Great Britain has an ISO accredited clean room - all the e-liquid we create is made in a totally clean environment
  • We shopped around for high-quality ingredients and only use the very best
  • We only use EP/USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine
  • Our bottles are childproof and tamper-evident, and our labels are fully CLP compliant
  • Every ingredient is traceable
  • We perform batch testing regularly and have full batch control
  • It only costs £1, this is a small risk for a big reward!
  • Our e-liquid is of a high quality - we use it too
  • The liquid we make is just as good as any other company in the UK

How We Managed To Bring It To You For £1

  • When the company was formed we decided not to be greedy from day one
  • Local businesses supply us with our ingredients and give us huge discounts.  We passed this onto you!
  • Our factory makes up to 50,000 bottles a day, by using automation we spend less money on labour.
  • Our goal is to help every smoker become a vaper so we decided to help make the world a better place and keep the price down.  

Our Nicotine Strength Chart Explained

Some vapers like a strong throat hit whilst others prefer the big vapour but not the throat hit. We looked into this and decided to change the PG/VG ratios to keep them in line with Nicotine Strength.  We were one of the first companies to do this.

The guide below shows you what to expect from the various levels so that you can get the right vape for you. PG provides the throat hit and VG provides the vapour.

  • 18mg/ml - 60(PG) / 40(VG) - a good throat hit / a good vapour.
  • 12mg/ml - 50(PG) / 50(VG) - a medium throat hit / an excellent vapour.
  • 6mg/ml - 45(PG) / 55(VG) - a mild throat hit / an excellent vapour.
  • 3mg/ml - 40 (PG) / 60 (VG) - a mild throat hit / a massive vapour.
  • 0mg/ml - 40(PG) / 60(VG) - no throat hit / a huge vapour.

Warning: Harmful if swallowed

Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. IF SWALLOWED: immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician. Rinse mouth. Dispose of container in accordance with local regulations. 

Showing 5 of our total 62 reviews, with an average rating of 5 stars. Read all 62 reviews for LiQuid Flavourless.
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Review Summary - 5 out of 5 based on 62 ratings.
May 19, 2020 | Jess

I find flavoured e liquid to be far too strongly flavoured. I use the flavourless liquid to water the taste down. I also quite like vaping just the flavourless on its own! Helps my coils last longer aswell.

May 16, 2020 | John Hall
E liquid

This complements the 3% liquids I purchased very nicely.

May 13, 2020 | Dave Harper

The liquid range on a whole are a perfect storm of excellent quality, brilliant prices and top tier customer service!
Well done liquid

May 12, 2020 | David Crawford
Vape safely

Liquid flavourless is the ideal fluid for vaping in the workplace. There are no traces of odours or fragrances in evidence. This really puts the "anti smoking-vaping " activists of the scent, (Pun intended!)

May 9, 2020 | Paul Middleton
A first class product (but)

I have ordered flavourless eliquid from One Pound Liquid dozens of times, but I discovered something with my last order I had not been aware of. Because some were quite discoloured (yellowy) I started checking the use by dates and discovered that of the two shipments I had, one was out of date (the older one) and the other, the newer one, only had a very short time before it was out of date as well. Researching I found out that thankfully it is not much of a problem and discolouring is quite common and not usually a sign that the liquid shouldn't be used, it's oxidisation, and it's apparently quite common due to exposing the liquid to the air, but I hadn't come across it in the two years I have been buying from One Pound Liquid. But it has made me cautious and next time I will ring when placing an order to speak to someone about this because I have been in the habit of buying two dozen at a time and they last me a long time.


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