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Product Reviews for Coconut

Do NOT discontinue this please!!!

Only just discovered this flavour and it's amazing. I can't believe you're going to discontinue it. Please rethink this decision.

October 24, 2017
Shame its being discontinued

Smooth vape great for adding to pineapple or making a more harsh/ bitter flavour gentler.

October 22, 2017
Step away from the coconut

Please, please PLEASE, don’t discontinue the coconut flavour. It’s deliciously smooth & full of flavour; it’s our favourite!

October 21, 2017
Don't discontinue please

This is the only flavour I buy. Please keep it available.

October 21, 2017

So disappointed if this flavour is going to stop being produced, I spent a good deal of time trying different flavours and not being able to find an eliquid for me, until I came across this flavour and at £1 a bottle it's a godsend, I hope that onepoundeliquid take a look at the reviews of upset people and can somehow find a way to keep making this flavour. Would also urge anyone else who's disappointed to email onepoundeliquid to voice their disapproval

October 19, 2017

Please DO NOT stop this flavour, along with some other firm favourites you are discontinuing. We have given up cigarettes a 25 year+ habit because of these products liQuid produce not just the best true flavours,but ones people have come to depend on,because they have allowed households around the UK to become SMOKE FREE and perminatly kick the habit for good. so many companies try to fix what's not already broken. And for many customers we remain loyal, so please ask and listen to us and your customers views and needs,or even have a vote to find out what customers fav are,please Don't take away and discontinue all these top selling wonderful flavours. "If it's not broke don't fix it"

October 18, 2017
No, no no and no !

Can't believe you are discontinuing this. It's taken me forever to find someone who can produce the perfect Coconut liquid and now you're stopping it :(

October 17, 2017
Delicious! Creamy yumminess

Lovely vape - really sweet.Mix with Choc o Nana or Cloud 3 for extra loveliness

October 12, 2017
Great taste

Tastes great. Try this with a cup of coffee and wow!!!

September 21, 2017
Best coconut flavour

I have tried many flavours over the last 4 years but always come back to the coconut flavour , always bought my liquid from the same supplier at £ 4.99 for 10 mls- thank goodness they in their wisdom have withdrawn the coconut flavour

September 17, 2017
Amazing value

what is there not to like The taste is smooth with a coconut after taste. Fast delivery and the price is amazing.

August 26, 2017
No coconut

I don't think the previous mix was cleaned out properly? It didn't taste of coconut it tasted more like plasticy tainted flavour.....please CLEAN properly if you want to make nice flavours......the Banana is the only one i found that is bananery.....

August 11, 2017
Great Taste

It's among few flavours I found to be satisfying. I just like the feeling with it.

August 8, 2017
Very nice

Very smooth, pleasant coconut flavour. Mixes well with other flavours such as choc-a-nana for a hint of bounty or even peppermint for a cool aftertaste. A definite favourite.

July 18, 2017
Coconut flavout

Was given the name of this site by my niece as my usual supplyer had stopped doing the coconut flavour. I ordered on the Thursday and it arrived by the Saturday. Very pleased with the quick delivery. Will definitely be ordering from this site again. Many thanks.

May 13, 2017