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Product Reviews for Double Menthol

Not bad for a mint vape

Double menthol it is not. It's more of a spearmint flavour, and not particularly strong. Having said all that, it's a pleasant enough vape as long as you turn up the power enough.

January 21, 2016

I'm hoping it's cos I'm either using a lower nic base or I had a newly mixed batch but I didn't get much flavour at all. I like my vapes ice cold, this was lukewarm :( Letting it steep to see what it ends up like I'm going to keep ordering though but where's the 6mg option gone??

January 11, 2016

Come on ! Who do you have to sleep with to get a delivery THAT fast, ordered Friday morning delivered Saturday morning.Bought double menthol as I saw they now do 3mg nicotine juice and thought I'd still get a hit from it, and so I did and a minty taste , something I've not got from my previous juice. And a quid!!!! No need to go anywhere else for e liquid as far as I'm concerned , fantastic.

January 9, 2016
Love it

I have tried so many on the market... I can't believe the price and I haven't been able to beat the refreshing taste.Keep up the good work!!!

January 7, 2016
This was my second order....brilliant

I'm new to Vaping so I was glad I made a wise choice. So good I'm thinking of trying Blueberry Ice. Plus. Delivery times are so fast as to be almost instant!!!

January 4, 2016
Top notch! Pretty much perfect.

VERY strong mint/menthol flavour. Just like sucking an Extra Strong Mint.Can take your breath away if taking big lung hits at high wattage - its that strong. Love it. Only downside is that its hard not to 'chain vape' this stuff... very nice. And very good vapour production Overall 9.5 10

December 20, 2015
Nice and strong

Wow this is strong.I use it to flavour tobacco flavours that are rank that I have purchased not from here.

December 17, 2015

a strong mint flavor was quickly dispatched to Netherlands just a pity that the shipping cost is quite expensive but the flavors are cheap

December 12, 2015
Packs a Punch

This is a seriously Minty juice! I had a cold the other day and put this juice into my tank, it really cleared my nose and it has a great taste. Better than juices that cost a lot more.

December 11, 2015

Feels like a mouthfull of throatmints + icewater, good for when you´ve gotten vapers tongue or if you have a cold.

December 10, 2015
Really clears your sinuses!

If you are goning to do menthol-this strong double menthol hits the mark. Unlike many juices I find I exhale through nostrils without a weird chemically after-flavour.....and boy-is it minty!

December 9, 2015


December 7, 2015

Enjoyed it while it lasted. I always find i get through menthol flavours way too quickly as they are probably my go to vape and i enjoy them so much. Bonus; I had a cold recently, and after a few puffs of this flavour, my throat/nose cleared almost instantly. So that's a bonus for this one. Works better than cold medicine lol.

December 3, 2015
Buy this you cant go wrong

Buy this liquid you can't go wrong, I prefer to use it as a mixer with other flavours. WELL WORTH A PUNT FOR A QUID.

November 20, 2015
Double the menthol double the joy

Very pleased with this product, this one will always be a reorder for me

November 18, 2015