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Double Menthol

One of our most successful blends; a double shot of cooling menthol with a punchy peppermint twist, has been overhauled with our amazingly smooth Nic-Salt formula, intensifying the satisfaction of 18mg without the harsh throat hit! Buy here.

Forest Fruits

Our sumptuous blend of dark fruits and berries comes together with our carefully selected Nic Salt formula to deliver a fantastically fruity profile alongside a craving-busting hit without the harshness! Buy here.

MBO Green

Specially developed to help you bridge the gap between smoking and vaping, MBO-Green has been carefully designed to replicate the taste of a real menthol cigarette. Combined with our Nic Salts to ensure a smooth hit that will sate those cravings! Buy here.


For when you just can’t find that like-for-like cigarette experience in a vape, look no further than our STL-Red! Carefully developed and combined with our Nic Salts to replicate the taste and satisfaction of a real cigarette. Buy here.


Our classic combination of sweet blue raspberry and white grape, offset by cool menthol and a hint of aniseed, has now been combined with our silky Nic Salts for a super charged but smooth hit to keep you satisfied all day long. Buy here.

LiQuid Gold - Our New Nic Salts Range

We at LiQuid are delighted to bring you our new LiQuid Gold range! Featuring e-liquid flavours you know and love, re-created using our brand new Nic Salt formula: Heizen - the classic blend of blue raspberry, white grape aniseed and menthol, Double Menthol – our best-selling blend of cool menthol and peppermint & Forest Fruits – our lush combination of rich, dark fruits.

We’ve not just stopped there though – we have specially formulated two unique flavours, extensively developed to combine perfectly with our Nic Salts to deliver an incredibly true-to-life cigarette experience when vaped! Where traditional tobacco e-liquids focus on the sweet, nutty and caramel notes of tobacco profiles, STL-RED and MBO-GREEN have been meticulously trialled and tested to ensure that their flavour profiles perfectly emulate the taste and hit of a real lit cigarette. Both flavours combine perfectly balanced light and dark tobacco notes, with MBO-GREEN also delivering a refreshing menthol hit for the soon-to-be ex-lovers of menthol cigarettes out there. Two truly unique e-liquids which work perfectly together with our new Nic Salt formula to deliver one of the most satisfying vaping experiences available for recent converts and seasoned vapers alike.

Horizontal MBO Green Liquid Gold Bottle

What are Nic Salts?

We’re sure you are curious about what Nic Salts actually are – Nic Salts are just like the nicotine you usually vape, but when it is manufactured the nicotine is combined with what is known as a “salt acid” – don’t be alarmed! These acids are harmless and actually change the way your body interacts with the nicotine when you vape. There are different types of Nic Salt out there, and they all affect the nicotine in a different way – most work to neutralise the taste of the nicotine itself, which means a higher strength can be vaped without enduring the harsh throat-hit and also increase the rate at which the nicotine is absorbed into the body, meaning a much more satisfying vape. Some types even modify aspects of an e-liquids flavour profile-boosting or reducing sweetness and even adding cooling effects.

We at LiQuid have carried out extensive research to ensure that we choose the absolute best to combine with our flavours to guarantee the same level of quality, safety and customer satisfaction you expect from our products. Following this research, we decided to use Nicotine Ditartrate as our flagship Nic Salt formula. Our trials revealed that Ditartrate delivered the smoothest and most satisfying nicotine hit possible, whilst having almost no impact on the flavour profiles we know you love. Not only that, we also found Nicotine Ditartrate to be one of the absolute safest when vaped, having been used in nicotine products throughout history, so you can buy with even more confidence!
If you are looking for a more satisfying vape to bust those cravings but don’t want the harsh throat-hit, or if you are a newcomer to vaping, desperately seeking that life-emulating cigarette experience, LiQuid Gold is the range for you.
When it comes to Nic Salts – Go for Gold!