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LiQuid CE4 Clearomizer

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CE4 Clearomizers

The LiQuid CE4 Clearomizer is great for anyone that is starting on a vaping journey. It is easy to use and provides excellent vaping performance. The CE4 clearomizer is made from a transparent material which allows you to see clearly how much e-liquid is left in your clearomizer. The LiQuid CE4 clearomizer is fitted with 2.4ohm wick

The CE4 is recommended for use with a 900mAh battery. It will work with all variable wattage batteries, but it is advised to only use below 15W 

Size: 68mm x 14.3mm

Capacity 1.6ml

Resistance 2.4ohm

Recommended Voltage: 3.3v to 4.2v 





Pack includes:

1 x CE4 CLEAR Clearomizer

Important Information

  1. After filling the clearomizer,please let the e-liquid soak into the wicks for 10minutes before you switch the device on. Remember the longer you leave the wicks to soak the better your vaping experience will be. This will reduce the risk of the wicks burning prematurely.
  2. CE4 Clearomizers do have a limited life span. We recommend that they can last from 2-4 weeks plus or 800 puffs, depending on usage.  You will know when you need to change the clearomizer as the e-liquid taste starts to change or the device is on but no vapour is produced.
  3. Never let the clearomizer become completely empty, please refill your clearomizer to avoid damage.
  4. When necessary, clean the base of the clearomizer that connects to the battery with a dry wipe or dry cotton bud. You can also clean the mouthpiece when necessary.

How to fill

  1. Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery by gripping the clearomizer and turning anti-clockwise. Ensure that the clearomizer is not connected to the battery when filling.
  2. Unscrew the mouthpiece by gripping the mouth piece and turning it anti-clockwise.
  3. Hold the clearomizer at a 45degree angle and insert the e-liquid nozzle towards the inside outer wall of the tube.
  4. Once filled with e-liquid, wipe the mouthpiece and gently screw back into the clearomizer turning it clockwise until finger tight. Do not overtighten, finger tight is sufficient

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