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Nic Salts - Blackcurrant - 20mg LiQuid

Nic Salts - Blackcurrant - 20mg

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Key benefits


  • Bended using our smooth nicotine salicylate formula.
  • Nicotine salt vape juice uses specially modified nicotine that has a vaery mild throat hit even at the very highest strengths.
  • Optimised for use in any 50-50 vaping device like the LiQuid Pro.

Nicotine strength guide


Our nic salt e-liquids are produced to a 50-50 PG/VG ratio, and are available in 20mg only. Despite this high strength, they provide a very smooth vaping experience due to the neutralised taste of the nic salt used. To learn more check out our blog about nic salts. They are ideal for new starters who used to have a more intense smoking habit, or those who simply want a more satisfying nicotine hit without the usually harsh throat hit.

Our range of "50-50" style nic salt e-liquids are best suited for use in vaping devices with a coil rating of 1.0ohm or above.

20mg/ml Nic Salt - 50(PG) / 50(VG) - a very smooth throat hit / standard vapour / strong nicotine hit.

Product overview


Our fan-favourite 50-50 blackcurrant e-liquid flavour has been overhauled to deliver enhanced satisfaction with our smooth nic salt formula.

Available in 20mg nic salt only - high strength but with a smooth throat-hit. Made using only premium quality Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerol (VG), flavourings and nic salt.

A must-have for fans of fruit vape juices that want the satisfaction provided by nicotine salts.

Why choose


A smooth vaping experience while still providing a deep craving satisfaction.

Batch tested by our in-house lab team and held to the same exacting standards as our other e-liquids.

All this science still only costs you £1.

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