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Sour Green Apple - 2X Vape Juice with WholeNic

Sour Green Apple - 2X Vape Juice with WholeNic

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Product overview

2X Vape – Sour Green Apple. If you love the taste of fresh fruity Apples, with a subtle sour twist then this one is for you! 10ml UK Made Vape Juice.

Key benefits

Smooth Nic Salt E-Liquid - Patented WholeNic Formula - Bold Double-Concentrated Flavour

Why choose

Nic salt e-liquid provides a smooth experience even at higher strengths, and the 2X range takes this to the next level with their WholeNic formula which contains the full spectrum of Alkaloids found in traditional tobacco without the harmul chemicals found in cigarettes. This delivers a more satisfying hit that keeps cravings at bay for longr, making these an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to smoking.

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