March 2015

Is an E-Cigarette Ban the Right Path to Take?

Vaping is gaining more popularity, and it is also gaining more attention from governments around the world. Countries such as America have mixed views as each state has its own laws surrounding the issue whereas countries such as Norway run a partial two-tier system. With no particular direction on the subject, many governments are struggling to come to a conclusive decision. At present, it is unlikely that a full e-cigarette ban will happen in the UK, with the Department of Health having already ruled it out. However, the debate rages... Read More

What Do People Think About E-Cigarettes? Survey Results

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EU Commission Consider an E-Cigarette Tax

If the EU Commission has their way, e-cigarettes could soon be taxed in the same way that normal cigarettes are, making vaping much more expensive. E-cigarettes give people an alternative way of consuming nicotine by inhaling a vaporised liquid, rather than burning tobacco. An e-cigarette tax similar to the taxes on tobacco would push people away from vaping and prevent many from trying a safer alternative. The government has been putting a high tax on tobacco for decades in an attempt to lower the rates of smoking. At the moment,... Read More

How To Clean An E-Cigarette

Keeping your electronic cigarette clean is essential, both for the condition of the device and the quality of your vaping experience. If you never clean your e-cig, you may start having problems such as not being able to fully charge the device, tasting previous e-liquid flavours after refilling with a new one and reduced vapour output. Regularly cleaning your e-cigarette is necessary for hygiene as well as function; it is something you put in your mouth and leaving it sitting on desks or in bags can cover it in bacteria.... Read More