September 2015

Public Health England – E-cigs Are 95% Safer Than Smoking

Report Findings The report states that 44.8% of the population does not understand that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking and therefore there is still an education piece that needs to be supported by the media to inform the general public that this is the case. The following graph that is included in the report clearly shows that as e-cigarette use increases, the use of regular cigarettes is slowly decreasing as users have found a better alternative:   Additionally e-cigarettes have become a more popular support choice in quitting attempts: There... Read More

New Legislation Preventing Vaping in Welsh Pubs

The Welsh Government has proposed new legislation making it illegal to vape in enclosed public spaces including pubs as from 2017, something that the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has branded “costly and burdensome.” The BBPA state that it believes that individual pubs should have the choice as to whether they allow vaping or not and that it could affect trade. It also criticises the section of the plan that demands pubs to display “no e-cigarette smoking” signs, which would be displayed as well as normal no smoking signs.... Read More

What Are The Best Vape Mods Available For Beginners?

The electronic cigarette industry has come along way in the last couple of years and like every emerging market things are changing fast. A few years ago the selection of vape kits was relatively small. You had the cig-a-likes and a few EGO style batteries with a CE4 clearomiser. The biggest choice was “which battery size should I go for?” Well move forward a couple of years and there are now 100’s of different styles of starter kits and hardware. Ranging from simple CE4/CE5’s to rebuild-able atomiser tanks and drippers (RBA’s & RDA’s). There is... Read More