April 2016


E Cigarette Taxing in EU Seek To Increase Prices

The European Union have made plans to implement taxes on electronic cigarette products. They could potentially be taxed at a higher rate across Europe with some countries saying it will be set to as high as possible. E cigarettes currently only have 20% VAT applied which is lower than the 57% on tobacco duty. A basic cigalike device could rise from £23 to £54 if this tax is implemented which may impact the number of people looking towards e cigarettes as a way of improving their health. A spokesperson from... Read More

What Is A Box Mod?

A box mod uses one to two li-ion batteries and has a chip inside it that regulates the voltage inside the box. Users set the wattage controls on a display panel on the outside of the box in order to make the box mod deliver bigger or smaller vape clouds on demand. Box mods work differently to mechnicals mods in that mechanical mods using power directly from the li-ion battery with no capability to regulate the voltage delivered to the coil (or atomizer). Box mods allow this extra level of... Read More

How Do E Cigarettes Work?

E cigarettes have a cartridge where there is wadding or a wick that soaks the e liquid up and holds it there. The atomiser is a heating element in the shape of a coil inside the e cigarette. When the e cigarette is used the atomiser heats up the liquid and the e cigarette then produces vapour.     The Longer Answer The most common e cigarettes are either ‘cigalikes’ (they look like normal cigarettes) or a tank that you can refill. They can be used with or without nicotine... Read More

Welsh Government Doesn’t Support Vaping Ban

Plaid Cymru has opted against the partial ban of e cigarettes in Wales as put forward by the Labour party. The bill was adjusted from a complete ban originally suggested in summer 2015 that was to include all enclosed places and workplaces, to only certain public areas such as hospitals and schools where children could be present. If the ban had been accepted, it was due to start in spring 2017. Mark Drakeford, the Welsh health minister (Labour party) during a general debate in the public health (wales) bill said... Read More