June 2016

Proposed ban on public use of e-cigs dropped from health bill

The First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, Carwyn Jones, has stated that the proposed ban on e-cigarettes in public places has been dropped from the forthcoming health bill following a vote by Assembly Members. Originally proposed by the previous health minister Mark Drakeford, due to concerns regarding e-cigs being used as a ‘gateway’ to traditional smoking by children, the removal of the ban from the bill has been hailed by many as a victory for common sense. “There is no point trying to bang our heads against a brick wall... Read More


‘Cannavaping’ – new research claims healthier approach to medical marijuana

In the last decade, the use of marijuana as a medical treatment has become more and more widespread, offering respite from the pain suffered by those struggling with conditions including multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s and even cancer. In 1971, President Nixon declared a war on drugs, pushing for a zero-tolerance approach to their production and use – an approach widely considered to be a failure, with a 126% increase in drug-related offences by 1980. As a result, research into the medicinal qualities of certain drugs was stymied and the social stigma of being a... Read More