October 2016


Studies underway to identify the perfect e-cig experience

The world of e-cigarettes has already gone through several shifts as vapers push for a more satisfying experience – and now in-depth research is starting to reveal more about vaping behaviour and preferences. Many who use e-cigarettes started with smaller cigarette-shaped devices – and the general consensus is that they were not very good. From there, the next move was to go towards a pen-like device with removable atomizer; an idea that is still very popular to this day. For many vapers, however, the best way to enjoy the practice... Read More

What is sub ohm vaping?

As e-cigarettes continue to grow in popularity around the world, it was only a matter of time before the modding and DIY community found new ways to improve their vaping experience by messing around with the intricacies of Ohm’s Law. But what is sub ohm vaping?   Sub ohm explained Usually the electronic circuit within an atomiser is designed to work with a resistance of 1.5 to 2.8 ohms, preventing overheating and ensuring a longer lifespan for the product. If this resistance is lowered, a greater amount of power can... Read More


Major tobacco merger may boost e-cigarette sales

The impending buyout of Reynolds American by British American Tobacco has prompted speculation that vaping may become even more popular, due to heavy investment in the popular market. In the last ten years, the popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes have had the chance to deliver the final blow to Big Tobacco as cigarette sales continually decrease. Today, however, several traditional cigarette businesses appear poised to make a comeback with their own vaping products. London-based British American Tobacco (BAT) has pushed for a takeover of Reynolds American, potentially creating one of... Read More

How to use vape charts

As e-cig batteries have become more and more advanced, manufacturers have started to help users find their perfect vaping experience by allowing for customisation. With the addition of voltage and resistance controls on premium batteries, those looking for greater throat hits or larger clouds can alter the settings, even allowing for sub ohm vaping which until recently was the exclusive pastime of those who would build their own atomisers. For those who are new to the world of vaping, but want to learn how to alter settings on their battery,... Read More

Does vape juice go bad?

About vape juice Vape juice or e-liquid is the substance that evaporates within the atomizer of your e-cigarette. Using either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) as a base, flavourings and nicotine are added before being packaged and sold. The answer to ‘does vape juice go bad’ is yes – but it’s quite a complicated issue. While all reputable vape juice retailers include an expiry date on the bottle, can you be sure that these dates are accurate? And how can you identify e-liquid that has started to go... Read More


The film that Big Tobacco doesn’t want you to see

When Aaron Biebert’s colleague and mentor was diagnosed with cancer as a result of years of smoking, he remembers being staggered that his friend made no attempts to quit, continuing with the habit right up until his death. With tobacco companies lobbying in governments around the world in an effort to stymie the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes, the documentary maker felt it was necessary to present to the public an accurate portrayal of the effect of traditional cigarettes on smokers – and to educate those who approach vaping... Read More

E-cigarette explosions – The real reasons why it happens

When people switch to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes, it’s usually for the sake of improving their health. With reports emerging since their introduction to the market in 2007 regarding explosions and fires, an improvement in health may at first glance lead to an increase in risk – but is this really true? It’s important to note that the number of incidents reported between 2009 and 2014 was extremely small. In fact, only 25 incidents per 2.5 million units. It is also worth noting that as time passes, the devices themselves... Read More