December 2016


Trump’s FDA shake-up – what does it mean for vaping?

With the race for the White House now finished, the incoming President-elect Donald Trump is another source of controversy for the government – but amid all the turmoil, some say that he is capable of making at least one sound decision. Along with his aides, including Newt Gingrich, Trump considers the FDA a deeply flawed agency which is in serious need of regeneration – and one of the industries that may benefit from this is vaping. In a similar move to the TPD launched in Europe, the FDA recently launched... Read More


Survey opposes Surgeon General’s views of gateway theory

A report released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, based on the annual Monitoring the Future (MFT) survey, indicates that negative ‘gateway theory’ comments about vaping made by US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy are somewhat incorrect. Murthy recently demanded harsher control on vaping products, as he believes that younger people would move on to traditional cigarettes if they start vaping. While already trying to recover from the introduction of the FDA’s Deeming rule last year, the e-cigarette industry was in relative shock that a medical professional held in such... Read More


MPs and peers take evidence on the advantages of vaping

The perception of vaping around the world is a mixed bag, which includes a lot of inaccuracies. For example, in the US, a recent study showed that one in twenty people believe that e-cigarettes are more dangerous than traditional cigarettes, despite the former containing a fraction of the dangerous chemicals of the latter. While vaping is much more widespread in the UK, there is still much misinformation in the media regarding the practice and this has led to a warped view by those who have done little research themselves. When... Read More

Why LiQuid, Why £1 – Our Story

Less than 18 months ago there were very few UK producers of e-cig liquid, so when April 2014 hit, our decision on whether we were going to enter this sector came and the question we asked was – “how on earth would we separate ourselves from the competition?” Today’s vapers are looking for something different, you cannot simply do what everyone else is doing, so that’s why we decided on being the first British manufactured e-liquid to sell a 10ml bottle for £1. It would not be a promotion or... Read More


New Nicotine Alliance aims to dispel vaping misconceptions

If electronic cigarettes do not include tobacco, then why are they included in both the EU Tobacco Excise Directive, and the Tobacco Products Directive? That is the question on the minds of many people, especially those with a vested interest in vaping as a smoking cessation device. In simple terms, there is a link between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes as far as nicotine addiction is concerned – but to place them in the same tax category in terms of continent-wide policies, considering they actually contain no tobacco, is leaving... Read More