February 2017


Ireland hopes to use vaping to help reduce public health spending

In an effort to reduce the amount of government spending on smoking cessation, the Health Service Executive in Ireland plans to rewrite the guidelines associated with combating nicotine addiction. After Dublin’s Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) released its report earlier this month, stating that e-cigarettes are a cost-effective way to quit smoking, industry experts believe that the vaping revolution could be the answer to government over-spending. The planned guidelines, to be put forward by the HSE, will be vetted by the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee before being effected in... Read More


New study from UCL reinforces long-term benefits of vaping

The first study regarding the long-term effects of vaping versus traditional cigarettes for ex-smokers has been conducted by University College London (UCL) – concluding that e-cigarettes are indeed much safer than their combustible counterparts. From the early days of vaping, the nicotine replacement devices have not been without their critics. Despite the number of expert sources maintaining that vaping is safer than smoking, many prominent politicians have chosen to remain wilfully ignorant of the benefits the cessation product provides. The propagation of these negative viewpoints has even led to many... Read More


Vaping is a ‘cost-effective way to quit smoking’ in Ireland

According to new research carried out by Dublin’s Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa), it has emerged that e-cigarettes are a ‘cost-effective’ way for smokers to quit. While adding the caveat regarding the lack of research into the long-term effects of vaping, the report suggests that vaping is twice as effective at helping smokers quit cigarettes than with willpower alone. And when combined with Varenicline, patients were more than three and a half times more likely to avoid relapsing. Lowering public spending Irish health services currently spend €40 million a... Read More


Health experts: Hospital trusts in Scotland should permit vaping

Experts believe that e-cigarettes, which are currently banned in a large number of hospital grounds across Scotland, should be allowed. The popularity of e-cigarettes in the UK has sky-rocketed in recent years as more and more smokers use them as a cessation device. The result of this rise to prominence, however, has often been hindered by those who rebut the peer-reviewed studies that tout the health benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking. In an article for the Tobacco Journal in November last year, Professor Linda Bauld disputed the relevance... Read More


New Nicotine Alliance wins right to support snus legalisation

The New Nicotine Alliance has been granted the opportunity brought by manufacturers Swedish Match to challenge the EU and UK ban on the smoking cessation product named ‘snus’. Introduced in the early 18th century, snus is an alternative to combustible tobacco and has been credited with vastly reducing the impact of cancer in both Sweden and Norway. With the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive in 2014, the product was banned across the EU in its entirety – with Sweden being granted an exception. As the majority of smoking-related diseases... Read More


Republican Duncan Hunter shows support for US vaping

Duncan Hunter, The Republican representative for California, has sent a letter to the White House urging the Trump administration to either suspend or repeal FDA regulations due to come into force in August 2018. The legislation, proposed by the US’s Food & Drug Administration, would include smoking cessation devices in the same category as traditional cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Rep. Hunter has continued to push for its dismissal, after taking the floor in the Senate to demonstrate the use of an e-cigarette. With the proliferation of independent vape shops across... Read More


Could the Trump administration be a lifeline for the vaping industry?

According to a new report by Reuters, lobbyists for the vaping industry in the US are looking to the Trump administration to backtrack the regulations placed on the sale of e-cigarettes and their associated products last year. Despite Trump’s plan to kill the universal healthcare system introduced during Obama’s presidency, the benefits of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation devices are hard to ignore. And with the huge increase in taxable profits created since the industry established itself in 2009, small business owners are hoping that the withdrawal of the current legislation... Read More