June 2017

Non-Vapers on Vaping: A Survey

In 2017, the number of smokers in the UK reached it’s lowest point since 1974, with over a million people turning to e-cigarettes to kick the habit.  Public Health England has spoken out about the fact that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking, however, doubts still plague those who are unsure about the effects of vaping and whether the increase in use is a positive thing. Ask an e-cig user what they think and you will no doubt hear the success stories, the people who have used e-cigarettes to quit smoking,... Read More

E-Cigs “less addictive” than regular cigarettes

Research released by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine shows that vapers are less dependent on electronic devices, compared to smokers using regular cigarettes. The Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Tobacco Products. It consists of an ongoing national survey of tobacco use of over 30,000 participants, both young and old. By filtering the responses, researchers were able to refine the group to 3,586 regular smokers and vapers. Researchers found that vapers tend to reach... Read More