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We want you to trust what you inhale - find out more

At LiQuid, we hold your wellbeing in the highest regard. This is why we constantly strive to stay at the top of our game when it comes to safety and compliance. We understand that you may have some new-found apprehensions after some recent media coverage, as to whether vaping really is safe and in particular if there are any ingredients used that might
potentially cause an allergic reaction.

               The PG, VG, nicotine and flavourings used in our LiQuid blends are rigorously tested to ensure their total compliance and quality, so we can guarantee your satisfaction and safety. Our technical and product development teams have taken every precaution to create mouth-watering flavours without any allergens, however, sometimes it simply cannot be avoided – a small number of our flavours do contain ingredients that some of you may be allergic to. Don’t panic though! These ingredients are known as ‘sensitisers’ and as part of our commitment to total compliance, we ensure that these ingredients are clearly visible so you can be sure to avoid any you may have a reaction to.

Where Can I find Allergen Information?

We have taken great care in ensuring any ingredients that may cause a reaction are clearly visible so you can buy with total confidence. If you are worried that you may be allergic to one of our juices, check the following locations:

  • On the FAQs section of our website – here you can find information about all the allergens and which flavours they appear in from all our ranges.
  • In the product description of your chosen flavour on our website – check the descriptions of your chosen flavours before you buy, you can find out if they contain any allergens ahead of purchase.
  • In the ingredients list on the physical bottle of e-liquid – any allergens will be clearly described in the ingredients section of our labels.

While some of our flavours contain allergens, it is important to remember that these added at low concentrations and only occur in a handful of our flavours. Many of our e-liquids are completely allergen-free. Check our websites and your labels regularly so you can vape with absolute confidence and trust what you inhale.