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If the EU Commission has their way, e-cigarettes could soon be taxed in the same way that normal cigarettes are, making vaping much more expensive.

E-cigarettes give people an alternative way of consuming nicotine by inhaling a vaporised liquid, rather than burning tobacco. An e-cigarette tax similar to the taxes on tobacco would push people away from vaping and prevent many from trying a safer alternative.

The government has been putting a high tax on tobacco for decades in an attempt to lower the rates of smoking. At the moment, the price of 20 cigarettes is around £7-8 and approximately 75% of that price is tax. By introducing this new e-cigarette tax it may deter cigarette smokers from using e-cigarettes as a cheaper and safer alternative.

Tom Pruen, the Chief Scientific Officer at the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association has said that the proposed tax on e-cigs is unjustifiable since there is no proof that vaping does any harm.

What do you think about this proposed e-cigarette tax? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comment section.


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