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This is a due to a large rise in nicotine poisonings and calls to poison control centres. It is reported that around 51% of these calls involved young children. Nicotine e-liquids are very dangerous when ingested, especially for children.

In the 60 days after the FDA announcement, the public will be able to comment and share their opinions on the proposal. The FDA wants people to guide the policies and advise them on things such as the wording on the warning labels and whether they should contain images like the warnings on cigarettes and tobacco.

The president of the American Vaping Association, Gregory Conley, believes that warning labels could possibly keep people away from the supposed healthier alternative. “Poorly designed warning labels have the capacity to mislead adult smokers on the relative risks of vaping versus tobacco smoking. Any proposed warning must be thoroughly tested to ensure that it only imparts factual information.”

This announcement is what’s known as an “advance notice of proposed rulemaking.” After the public have had their say, the FDA will propose a rule. After another 60 days of listening to the public, a new rule will be implemented.

While this proposal focuses on nicotine e-liquids, it would also affect other products such as nicotine strips and lotions.