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Confusion over food colouring leaves vapers with a bad taste!

A number of vapers have been left disappointed after buying food flavouring on Amazon. Unlucky vapers mistook the clearly labelled food colouring for e-liquid, leading to a series of negative reviews on the product Amazon listing.

The poor reviews were spotted by Twitter user Rob Whisman, who decided to investigate why a generic food flavouring had received such negative feedback, he discovered that people had been mistaking the flavouring for e-liquids.

The Capella Flavour Drops in Sweet Strawberry Concentrate has had to add a disclaimer to the listing that states ‘ THIS IS NOT VAPE JUICE’ however, users are still quick to point out that the flavouring is not cutting the mustard as a good quality vape juice. A further description relaying the uses for the product has also gone unnoticed, with the page owners suggesting that the flavouring be used for ‘coffee, tea, smoothies, protein shakes and baking’

Comments such as ‘taste is terrible, barely gives out vape’ accompany the one-star reviews on the Capella Flavour Drops page. Alongside ‘IDK what it is but I put it on my vape and it is terrible’.

Interestingly, food-grade flavouring is used in the production of many e-liquids however as many vapers know, other ingredients need to go into the mix to create a quality e-liquid. Amazon could be partly to blame for the confusion with the product as when shoppers search for ‘vape juice’ the Capella Flavour Drop is at the top of the list.