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As e-cig batteries have become more and more advanced, manufacturers have started to help users find their perfect vaping experience by allowing for customisation.

With the addition of voltage and resistance controls on premium batteries, those looking for greater throat hits or larger clouds can alter the settings, even allowing for sub ohm vaping which until recently was the exclusive pastime of those who would build their own atomisers.

For those who are new to the world of vaping, but want to learn how to alter settings on their battery, we’ve provided you with a chart that allows you to find that perfect sweet-spot for your taste, without risking damage to your device.

Vape chart use for beginners

Along the X axis of the vape chart are the different settings for voltage (the potential difference across the battery’s circuit), while along the Y axis are the different levels of resistance from sub ohm levels to levels of high resistance.

Ohms Law states that that electric current is proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. The above vape chart uses Ohm’s Law to help you safely choose settings for your e-cigarette that can provide different vaping experiences without having detrimental effect on your battery.


How to interpret a vape chart

When changing the settings on your device, it is important to understand that the higher the wattage, the more potential damage your coil and battery could endure. The wattage can be limited by increasing electrical resistance – but without sufficient voltage, barely any vapour will be produced.

High voltage/low resistance settings will lead to a fast burnout of both your e-liquid and the coil, producing an unpleasant burnt taste that is to be avoided (indicated by the red cells in the upper-right of the vape chart).

High resistance/low voltage settings will ensure a longer life-span for your coil and battery, but will ultimately lead to an unpleasant vaping experience as not enough e-liquid will be atomised (indicated by the darker blue cells in the lower-right of the vape chart).


Using a vape chart for the ultimate experience

The key to an enjoyable vape is to keep your setting in the green zone, ensuring that your resistance is set to a minimum 0.5 ohms, with a potential difference of 3v if you wish to enjoy big clouds and a warmer throat hit.

If on the other hand clouds are not something you look for when you vape, the voltage and resistance can both be increased incrementally in order to find that perfect taste and ‘hit’. The key here is to experiment, but to do so safely. Using this vape chart can help you achieve the desired setting – without risking your device or your health.


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