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Last month the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) presented evidence to the Science and Technology Committee in the House of Commons last month. This marks the first time that an independent representative has been invited to give oral evidence in the ongoing e-cigarette enquiry.

Fraser Cropper, Chair of the IBVTA presented his evidence to the committee on the 9th Mat alongside John Dunne, UKVIA Director and Sarah Jakes, Chair of New Nicotine Alliance.

The primary aim of the session was to encourage a move to review the TPD which currently places restrictions on vaping products in the UK. Cropper explained that;

‘Any future regulation must be based upon an appropriate risk assessment, which the TPD was not, and likely as a consequence will be a much more balanced regulation set that protects consumers from the limited risk but allows for the full potential of vaping to be delivered.’

The group criticized the current product restrictions are being counter-productive and all agreed that there was no reason for any excess tax on vaping products. Cropper highlighted the facts that for many vapers, the significant cost saving when making the switch to e-cigarettes is a tangible dividend to those who quit by vaping.