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Vaping is gaining more popularity, and it is also gaining more attention from governments around the world.

Countries such as America have mixed views as each state has its own laws surrounding the issue whereas countries such as Norway run a partial two-tier system. With no particular direction on the subject, many governments are struggling to come to a conclusive decision.

At present, it is unlikely that a full e-cigarette ban will happen in the UK, with the Department of Health having already ruled it out. However, the debate rages on about what these sorts of bans would do and if they are the right path to take.

As it stands, one of the advantages of vaping is that people don’t have to stand outdoors to consume nicotine. A common school of thought amongst people who oppose these bans is that because many people make the switch to e-cigarettes with the convenience in mind, banning vaping in-doors would push them back to smoking cigarettes.

An e-cigarette ban may not benefit the health of the public as it may encourage more people to continue smoking cigarettes. All evidence points towards e-cigarettes being much better for your well-being than normal cigarettes are. However, those against vaping do not agree because so far the evidence is inconclusive.

Common opinion is that this issue has more to do with etiquette rather than law. It is a general assumption that people do not want to be shrouded by thick clouds of vapour when they are at work or in a restaurant.

As there is currently no evidence of significant harm to bystanders or the users themselves, establishments are making their own decisions as to whether they allow vaping on their premises.

We will keep you updated as to when and if the situation in the UK changes.

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