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How the 2020 Menthol Tobacco Ban Could Save you Money

With the Menthol ban now in effect, it’s time for menthol smokers to start considering their options if they haven’t already. It goes without saying that we think the best alternative for menthol-seekers post-ban is of course vaping! With menthol vapes left unaffected by the new regulations, e-liquids offer people the chance to get their nicotine fix as well as the menthol flavour they love. With that being said, vaping offers these users something else too – the chance to save some serious cash!

We know that the ban presents menthol smokers with an opportunity to switch to a less harmful alternative, if not quit altogether. If you fall into the prior camp and are looking for a good menthol alternative, we would like to share why, by switching to vaping, ex-smokers can save themselves a pretty penny, while still getting the fresh flavour they crave.

The Rising Cost of Smoking

Even when ignoring the menthol ban, smoking has become more and more expensive in recent years. In 2017, the government banned 10-packs of cigarettes as a deterrent, making it much more expensive for those who might want to take up the habit for the first time. In the latest government budget of March 2020, the tax on tobacco products was increased by 2% above retail price index; meaning an estimated 27p increase on every pack. This brings the average, cheapest pack of cigarettes to £9.10, with the most popular brands coming in even higher.

If a hypothetical “heavy smoker” gets through at least 20 a day, that equates to £9.10 per day, £63.70 per week, £254.80 per month and a huge annual sum of £3,326.05, and that’s just for those who only smoke the cheapest cigarettes. If you smoke more premium varieties, these numbers are wallet-wrenchingly high.

What Does Vaping Cost?

Now we’ve estimated the annual cost of smoking, let’s do the same for vaping. We’ve broken down everything that an average vaper should need to support their vaping journey:


When first making the switch from smoking to vaping the average person will begin with a starter kit. We offer a great selection of these starter kits, the cheapest of which is £13 – our Vaporesso Orca Kit. Let’s use someone who may opt for this device as our exemplar.


On average, vapers get through anywhere between 1-10ml of e-liquid per day. That’s one of our bottles a day at £1, £7 for the week, £30 per month and £365.50 annually.


To make sure your e-cigarette performs at its best, a vaper will need a supply of replacement coils. For the Vaporesso Orca, a pack of replacement coils costs £7 for a pack of 5. On average you should be looking to change your coil between every 1 to 4 weeks (depending on how often and what e-liquid you choose to vape). Let’s say you change it every 2 weeks. That’s approximately 6 packs of these coils per year, equating to £42 annually.

In Total

When looking at the figures above, it’s clear that vaping is a cheaper way to satisfy those nicotine cravings, let alone the significantly less harmful emissions. With all our great menthol flavours unaffected by the new restrictions, it really is true that by using it as motivation to make the switch, the menthol ban could indeed save you money.

Adding together £13, £365.50 and £42, it would cost our average vaper £420.50 per year. That’s a monster saving of £2,905.55 when compared the average, cheapest cigarette smoker. Even taking into account the cost of venturing into new flavours, new styles of vaping, even a replacement battery, the cost between the two would still be drastically different!

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