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In the UK, e-cigarettes are being increasingly endorsed by public health officials are an effective smoking cessation tool. Health professionals have now been given a list of tips to follow when informing patients on how best to use e-cigarettes as a harm reduction tool when quitting smoking. Last month, nurses were given a list of the ‘Top ten tips of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation’ accompanied with an explanation of each step to help nurses and patients understand how to use each one.

Top ten tips

1. Talk about e-cigarettes positively

2. Encourage e-cigarettes as a part of a quit attempt

3. Advise vapers that they are not alone

4. Get the nicotine strength right

5. Inform that inhaling from an e-cig is different than ‘dragging’ on a cigarette

6. Champion harm reduction

7. Endorse vaping and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

8. Advise using an e-cigarette for no more than three months

9. Recommend vaping for forced abstinence

10. Warn about the number of e-cigarette options on the market

The list was created by Kevin Kennie, a stop smoking nurse specialist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and has been generally well-received by those in the community. Although the overall acceptance of e-cigarettes remains positive with health professionals, some vapers believe that tip 8 is cause for concern with those using vaping as a long-term solution.

By endorsing e-cigarettes, health organisations are able to promote vaping as a successful cessation tool – something that vaping companies are unable to do.