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Vapers planning the visit New South Wales could face fines of up to $550 if caught using their e-cigarettes in public spaces or on public transport. The new ban brings the state in line with regulations already in place in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and ACT.

The ban comes into effect in July and covers a wide range of public spaces including shopping centres, libraries, cinemas, buses, trains, public swimming pools, sports grounds, public transport stops and outdoor dining areas.

Health minister, Brad Hazzard stated “Put simply, where you are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, you now cannot vape either”

The ban follows claims of potential health risks from e-cigarette vapours, even if there is no nicotine in the liquid. The new regulations will also force retailers to notify NSW Health if they are selling e-cigarettes.

The e-cigarette ban is part of a series of discussions surrounding smoking in Western Australia. Mark McGowan, premier of Western Australia, has said that the state will only raise the legal smoking age to 21 if the rest of the nation agrees to do the same. McGowan stated, “I see the arguments both ways. If you’re 18 you can go to war, you know, why shouldn’t you be able to smoke? On the other hand, some of the evidence that I’ve seen says that if you lift the smoking age, we may well save lives.”