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Report Findings

The report states that 44.8% of the population does not understand that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking and therefore there is still an education piece that needs to be supported by the media to inform the general public that this is the case. The following graph that is included in the report clearly shows that as e-cigarette use increases, the use of regular cigarettes is slowly decreasing as users have found a better alternative:


Additionally e-cigarettes have become a more popular support choice in quitting attempts:

There is speculation that e-cigarettes could well be used as a licensed medicine instead of anti-smoking devices such as patches. There are currently pilot schemes in Leicester and London to provide free e-cigarette kits however this is not available elsewhere in the country as yet. The report also shows that there is no evidence that vaping is a gateway for teenagers to get into regular smoking. Less than 1% of adults or teenagers who began using e-cigarettes progressed onto regular cigarettes.


It’s About Time

This is welcome news for an industry that has been in need of a report such as this to dispel the myths that have come about in recent years. The statistical analysis of this report by Public Health England supports the positive impact that e-cigarettes are having on the lives of their users.

Ben Wilson, owner of said, “We are pleased with this report, it supports the work we have been doing to provide an alternative to regular smoking. We take pride in ensuring that our e-liquids are safe for consumption and will continue to make them available at the price point that keeps it accessible for all members of the public.”

If you want to read the Public Health England report you can do so here.