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A major smoking cessation campaign has been launched by Public Health England, showing the damage that smoking does to the body. 

The £1m campaign launched just before the New Year to target those that have set themselves a resolution to stop smoking. A series of TV ads have been created by M&C Saatchi to urge the 7 million smokers in England to make 2018 the year that they quit. Working with the NHS Smokefree service, the campaign aims to push smokers towards services such as face to face help, social media, SMS support, stop smoking aids and the Smokefree app.

Watch the new TV adverts: 

The video content is accompanied by case studies of seven life-long smokers including Dragon’s Den star, Hilary Devey. Devey, along with other participants, take part in a laboratory demonstration to see how smoking leads to the presence of harmful poisons in the blood.

Public Health England marketing director, Sheila Mitchell said: “January is a key time for people to reflect on their lifestyles and is always an excellent opportunity to communicate our messages.”

Following last years landmark decision to include e-cigarettes as part of the Stoptober campaign, e-cigarettes are being highlighted by Smokefree as a possible option to help people quit.

Professor John Newton, director of health improvement at PHE, said: “Smoking is a deadly habit. Each year it kills 79,000 people in England, and for every death, another 20 smokers have a smoking-related disease. That means one person is admitted to hospital every minute of every day due to smoking.

“Our new TV ad shows how every cigarette sends a flood of poisonous chemicals through the bloodstream in seconds. People know that tar damages the lungs, but it’s less well understood that the poisons also reach the other major organs in the body. We are urging every smoker to take advantage of the free Smokefree support and quit for good this New Year.”