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Data obtained from a recent Spanish study shows e-cigarettes are an effective harm reduction tool for smoking cessation.

Spanish vapers association, Anesvap, has released data that backs up the results of countless previous studies. The main findings from the research highlights that smoking does not act as a smoking gateway for young people, it is also not as addictive as traditional cigarettes and helps to dramatically reduce smoking rates.

99.6% of vapers in Spain are adults, with an average age of 35. Of these vapers, 79% are female and 20% female. The data obtained by Anesvap shows that the average nicotine concentration used by vapers when they first start vaping is 11.42 mg/ml, whereas the average at present is 4.04 mg/ml.

One interesting takeaway from the study is that 85.81% of participants stated that it was the wide array of flavours available that enticed them to switch to vaping from traditional cigarettes. This confirms what many public health experts have been saying in response to the call for ‘flavour bans’ across the world, particularly in the US.

The current vaping population in Spain is approximately 300,000 users and from the sample used for this study, 90% switched to vaping as a way to improve their health and 92% did detect improvements when vaping.

This study follows the introduction of new vaping legislation that was introduced in Spain. The Royal Decree 579/2017 has been effective since 11th June 2017 and has been met with criticism by pro-vaping organisations. The legislation will ban the sale of atomizers over 2 ml and all e-liquid containers over 10 ml, a new bill has also been proposed to prohibit the sale of all vaping related products online.