Stoptober campaign sees 29% increase in sales of vaping kits | LiQuid Blog Stoptober campaign sees 29% increase in sales of vaping kits – LiQuid Blog
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The 2017 Stoptober campaign has led to a 29% increase in the sale of vaping kits, leading to calls for the government encouraged engagement to continue.

Thanks to the NHS backing e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, sales of vape kits have increased by 29%. Vaping was featured prominently throughout the Stoptober campaign, both on the official Stoptober website and in the TV advertisements.

The use of e-cigarettes has been promoted as a less harmful option than traditional tobacco, used within the Stoptober campaign as a way to phase out tobacco, rather than going cold turkey.

By focusing on a harm reduction strategy, the UK has seen record high rates of people stopping smoking and is cementing itself as a European leader in the quest for smoking cessation.

The success of the Stoptober campaign has led to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) calling on the government and public health bodies to sustain the levels of public engagement with vaping displayed during Stoptober.

Mark Pawsey, chairman of the APPG stated: The positive public health message regarding vaping has up to now been failing to get across to the UK’s remaining 7.6m smokers. The Public Health England campaign was a welcome change and has had an obvious effect, but it needs to be sustained, not just a one off”

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