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The world of e-cigarettes has already gone through several shifts as vapers push for a more satisfying experience – and now in-depth research is starting to reveal more about vaping behaviour and preferences.

Many who use e-cigarettes started with smaller cigarette-shaped devices – and the general consensus is that they were not very good. From there, the next move was to go towards a pen-like device with removable atomizer; an idea that is still very popular to this day.

For many vapers, however, the best way to enjoy the practice is through the use of box mods – high-capacity devices that allow for a personalised approach to vaping through the manipulation of voltage and resistance. So where does the world of e-cigarettes go from here?

Since bigger names have got involved in the research and development of e-cigarettes, namely the big five tobacco companies, the investment in design of devices has grown hugely.

With tobacco sales declining and e-cigarette sales increasing – as well as the practice of vaping gaining more acceptance from the UK Department of Health, the Royal College of Physicians and as well as several anti-smoking charities – traditional cigarette companies are starting to see the benefit of investing in vaping.

Replicating traditional smoking pleasure via e-cigs

British American Tobacco (BAT) have recently published details of one of their studies, allowing the public to gain an insight into how e-cigarettes are researched. This includes showing how testing procedures are designed in order to make a user’s vaping experience more enjoyable.

Using smoking analyser technology, BAT has been looking to replicate the traditional cigarette drag and puff by examining the pressure and flow of smoke from the cigarette to the smoker, giving feedback on volume and length, and time between puffs.

A total of 60 e-cigarette-using participants were given at random either a rechargeable cigarette-shaped device, or a slightly larger ePen operated with a button. These two devices were modified using available data already gathered, and the feedback from the groups will be used to help establish standardised testing protocols for e-cigarettes around the world, as well as provide data to help design the next generation of vaping technology.

Of course, all this is great news for those using e-cigarettes, as the added support from multi-national companies investing billions into promoting products will only help stimulate the world’s market – and with the added support of governments and charities, the future is looking bright for vaping pleasure.