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A study by Professor Polosa, Director of the Institute of Internal Medicine and Antismoking Center at the University of Catania, has shown that long-term vaping does not lead to lung damage. The long-term study compared the results of non-smokers who used e-cigarettes daily for a number of years, to those of non-vapers.

Professor Polosa followed a small sample of young people who had never smoked but used e-cigarettes on a regular basis, for 3.5 years. The results were compared to a control group of non-smokers who had never used e-cigarettes.

“We found no decrements in spirometric indices, development of respiratory symptoms, changes in markers of lung inflammation in exhaled air or findings of early lung damage on HRCT when compared with a carefully matched group of never-smoking non-EC users.” reported the study authors.

The study indicated that even the heaviest of vape users displayed no signs of lung damage or inflation, there were also no reported changes to blood pressure or heart rate.

Although the size of the study was small, Polosa concluded that “the results of this study may provide some preliminary evidence that long-term use of ECs is unlikely to raise significant health concerns in relatively young users.”

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