Study: Smokers have more ‘bad’ and less ‘good’ bacteria than vapers | LiQuid Blog Study: Smokers have more ‘bad’ and less ‘good’ bacteria than vapers – LiQuid Blog
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A study by experts at Newcastle University has found that smokers have more ‘bad’ and less ‘good’ bacteria than vapers. This discovery shows that smokers are at a higher risk of diseases such as colon cancer, colitis, Crohn’s disease and obesity. This scientific trial is the first of its kind and experts labelled the results as an incentive for smokers to switch to vaping.

Dr Christopher Stewart led the experiment and is the first to compare the microbiome between vapers and traditional smokers. With nearly 3 million people in Britain using e-cigarettes doctors are advised to tell patients that e-cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes, however, recent controversy has led to negative views of the devices as cessation tools.

The study analysed the mouth, faecal and saliva samples of 10 e-cigarette users, 10 tobacco smokers and 10 non-smokers. The results showed that the bacteria of the smokers was different to that of the non-smokers and e-cigarette users, with an increase in the Prevotella bacteria, linked to colon cancer and colitis.

Dr Stewart said: ‘The bacterial cells in our body outnumber our own human cells and our microbiome weighs more than our brain.Yet we are only just beginning to understand its importance on our health.’ He added: ‘To find vaping is less-damaging than smoking on our gut bacteria adds to the incentive to change to e-cigarettes and for people to use them as a tool to quit smoking completely.’