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Following the arrest of a young couple who were selling e-cigarettes in December, local Thai vapers are speaking up about the unreasonable e-cigarette ban. The regulation bans the import, export, sale and possession of vaping products and has been in place since November 2014. The consequences for breaking this law include having items confiscated, fines or being sent to prison for up to 10 years if convicted.

Vapers have highlighted that the regulations attached to traditional cigarettes are less strict than those places on e-cigarettes. This has brought the question of whether vaping products should be regulated the same as other tobacco products back into the public eye.

The two vapers were arrested in Pathum Thani for selling vaping products through social network sites. Locals from the area have called the regulations ‘illogical’ and claim that the ban is ‘digged by misinformation”.

Many countries, including the UK, have legalised the use of e-cigarettes but others still ban them. The regulations passed by the European Parliament in 2014 introduced standardised requirements for all liquids and vaping devices along with disclosure of all ingredients used in production. A similar approach has been called for in Thailand, who have one of the strictest anti-tobacco laws in the world.