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What does it mean and how will it affect you?

As we are sure many of you will be aware, the UK is set to impose a ban on menthol cigarettes and related tobacco products. Whether vaper or smoker, this news has left many people with questions as to how the new laws will affect them. Read on as we explain what the menthol ban is all about, what products it will impact and what options you have when considering menthol alternatives.

What is the UK Menthol Ban and Why is it Happening?

The menthol ban is the result of the introduction of new UK legislation aimed at reducing the appeal of smoking, particularly amongst younger audiences looking to start smoking for the first time. Deborah Arnott, chief of the charity ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) insisted that banning menthol cigarettes could help prevent young people from smoking, saying: “It is naturally hard to inhale smoke and for many the first time they smoke it is repugnant, but people persevere with it and that’s when they become addicted. There is evidence that menthol cigarettes relax the airways and the flavour masks the harshness of the smoke, therefore younger people find it easier to smoke”. The ban will be in effect from May 2020.

What Products are Affected by the Ban?

The new legislation impacts a number of tobacco products, with all varieties of menthol and skinny cigarettes being banned entirely. Alongside this, the ban will also mean retailers can no longer supply cigarettes or rolling tobacco with any “characterising flavours”. This means that following the ban, no brand or retailer is permitted to manufacture or sell a cigarette or rolling tobacco that features: a filter, paper, package, capsule or other component containing flavourings or any technical feature that allows the consumer to modify the taste, smell or smoke intensity of the product. While the ban will have a significant impact on cigarette and tobacco users, the new laws do not affect smoking alternatives like vaping, which means menthol e-liquids, as well as those in other flavours, will still be available for sale.

If I’m a vaper, Does the Ban Affect Me?

In short, no. The good news for vapers is that the menthol ban has no impact on e-liquids or e-cigarettes. Following May 2020 you will still be able to buy all the vaping products you usually enjoy, from all the same places. The ban only affects “traditional” tobacco products like cigarettes and rolling tobacco, so vapers don’t need to worry.

What Does the Ban mean for Menthol Smokers and What are Their Options?

Menthol users make up a massive 26% of all current smokers within the UK. Once the ban comes into effect in May, these people will be faced with tough choices when it comes to satisfying their nicotine cravings. There is an established polarisation amongst smokers, with those who smoke menthol rarely entertaining an unflavoured cigarette and vice-versa. It is because of this polarisation that it is expected many of the UK’s menthol smokers will turn to alternatives that still allow them to combine nicotine with menthol flavouring.

The most obvious of these alternatives is vaping, which offers potential converts a massive range of menthol flavours to choose from, in a variety of strengths. This variety presents menthol-seekers with the best chance of finding an alternative product that works for them, not just in flavour, but also in satisfying their nicotine craving. Vaping also presents ex-smokers with unique solutions to the issues many face when trying to transition. For example, some find it hard to replace the hand to mouth action typical of smoking; while vaping in all forms satisfies this experience, some devices even look like a cigarette and are puff-activated, further enhancing the feeling of familiarity recent converts often crave. While other options like heat-not-burn products also offer users a less harmful alternative, nothing compares to vaping when it comes to having the most choice available to those seeking a like-for-like menthol experience following the ban. Nicotine salts are another type of e-liquid that could present those effected by the ban with another way to help ease their transition. Nicotine salts maximise craving satisfaction by using specially modified nicotine that absorbs into the system much faster, whilst being smooth on the throat. This brings the vaping experience that much closer to smoking a cigarette.

What Do LiQuid Offer?

Our LiQuid range includes loads of great flavours that we think anyone seeking a menthol alternative should give a try. Menthol and Double Menthol are already popular amongst our customers and present the most obvious choices for those seeking a menthol alternative. In addition to these our range includes a massive selection of fruit menthols like Cherry Menthol and Blueberry Spearmint, for those seeking that stands out from the norm. If you really want to bust your craving, the LiQuid Gold nic-salts range could be for you! We know that when the ban hits, it will take time for people to find the vaping alternative that’s right for them and LiQuid are proud to offer all the tools you need to start your vaping journey.