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UK Pharmacy Minister, Steve Brine has suggested promoting e-cigarettes on cigarette packets. The proposal was put forward by MP Stephen Metcalfe at the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee hearing on e-cigarettes. The session was held on 24th April 2018 and looked at recent and future guidance by the relevant health authorities, and the advertising regulatory body on risks and recommendations on e-cigarette use

The current regulatory framework makes it illegal to have any promotional material on cigarette packets, however, director of healthy behaviours at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Tim Baxter, has agreed that this is something that the government needs to look into.

Currently, there are inconsistencies across the UK when it comes to smoking cessation services. Bride has stated that it is the responsibility of individual councils to decide how the £16bn public health budget should be spent, however, more robust research into the benefits of e-cigarette should be made available.

This discussion highlights the contrast between the progressive attitude of the UK and the much stricter regulations enforced in countries such as the US and Australia.