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A group of researchers from Bentley University, the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, Cornell University and the National Bureau of Economic Research looked at the impact of e-cigarette advertising on the current quitting rate.

The study found that if e-cigarette adverts were banned, the current rate of people quitting smoking would drop by 3%. At present, there are four times as many nicotine replacement therapy adverts than e-cigarette adverts on US television. Researchers proposed that if more of the latter were seen, smokers would be more likely to quit.

The study surveyed 25,000 individuals between 2013-2015, looking at their smoking status, their quitting history, methods used to quit and the success rate. The data showed that a ban on TV adverts would reduce quitting rates by around 3%, which equates to about 105,000 fewer quitters. Magazine advertisements, on the other hand, showed no impact.

During the time the study was being actioned, the FDA was considering regulations to limit e-cigarette manufacturers. Researchers states that had it not been for this, e-cigarette adverts may have reached the same numbers as NRT adverts. They then predicted that this would have equated to around a 10% increase in quitters.

In the UK, e-cigarettes played a large part in this year’s ‘Stoptober’ campaign, which featured e-cigarettes being used in TV adverts for the first time as a way to encourage smokers to adopt this strategy during the Stoptober campaign.